Friday, January 23, 2015

Saddam's Killing Fields - The Genocide of the Kurds.

Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children were executed during a systematic attempt to exterminate the Kurdish population in Iraq in the Anfal operations in the late 1980s. They were tied together and shot so they fell into mass graves. Their towns and villages were attacked by chemical weapons, and many women and children were sent to camps  where they lived in appalling conditions. Men and boys of ‘battle age’ were targeted and executed en masse.


 "Genocide in Kurdistan is also ignored by the super powers for reasons of political interest." 

Genocide in Kurdistan.

Welcome to "Dehlinitis", or The Profits of Unbelief.

Almost everyone who is interested in and follows Mormonism will know who John Dehlin is, and his current schism with the LDS Church. The media have really capitalised on this for months now. It's another opportunity to take a shot at Mormons, especially considering that only half of the American public know that Joseph Smith was a Mormon! (Click to enlarge image)

 (Pew Research, U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey.)

Yes, you read that correctly - roughly 50% of Americans don't even know that Joseph Smith was a Mormon, much less the founder of Mormonism. But mention "same sex issues", "female equality", "racism", and a supposed "Mormon heretic" on the verge of excommunication - and it's nationally newsworthy, even for ignoramuses. Worse still, is that Dehlin has capitalised on public ignorance to the hilt. There's no doubt that Dehlin's Mormon Stories Podcast is popular - very popular, and this went to Dehlin's head a long time ago. He makes a pretty decent living from being a "public figure" whose "specialty" is controversial commentary on Mormonism. 

Dr. Louis Midgley, one of Dehlin's former tutors at BYU, recently posted This at Sic et Non:

I must correct one small mistake in the blog to which Professor Peterson provided a link. John Dehlin did not say when interviewed by the Larsons that he doubted the divinity of Christ. Instead, he announced that he did not think that there ever was a Jesus of Nazareth. If there is no God, it make exactly no sense to talk about the divinity of Jesus or about an atonement, however that is (mis)understood.
All this makes me sad. Why? I am deeply troubled by any news about John Dehlin, or even seeing a reference to him. And I know him rather well, having first encountered him while I was teaching the history of political philosophy at BYU. And I admit that I don't enjoy in the least seeing a promising former student spout rubbish and otherwise self-destruct in public, while actually making a living through a 501c3 tax-exempt foundation through which he in a host of sly ways striving to destroy a faith for which he has what amounts to utter contempt.

I don't do many posts on Mormonism on my blog (you can check my labels), but on this occasion I feel I need to say something.

My own "struggles" with the Church began way back in c.1983, when, like Dehlin, I started asking "hard questions". That struggle continued until I eventually left the Church in August 1987, and continued for at least the next 18 years through message boards and other media, both on and offline, to "debate Mormonism". However, I haven't lost my belief in God, nor the fact that I consider the Book of Mormon to be inspired revelation. Dehlin, by his own accounts, has lost both.

John Dehlin Bio. 

My struggles were mostly "quiet"; what one may call "the dark night of the soul", when I seriously even questioned why I became a Mormon. In the final analysis, I decided that my Mormon experience was not only overall positive, but necessary for me, and I still have an open mind to the possibility of a repentant return one day, but I'll frankly admit that it's not on my immediate agenda. But it is a possibility, and I like to keep my options open without burning all bridges. The very public way in which Dehlin is going about basically defying the Church leaders tells me he has little or no respect left for what looks inevitability to become his "former religion".  

What irks me about Dehlin, is that he treats these "issues", which people like me have "dealt" with for more than 30 years now, as though they are something new and startling. New and startling they may be to the ignorant, but to capitalise on this ignorance for commercial and financial gain is despicable.

Dehlin lost his faith in Mormonism years ago, but instead of just walking away, he decided that "the fraud" needed to be exposed, in his own subtle way, and through Mormon Stories. So bear in mind that what you're reading isn't "Mormon Stories" but "Anti-Mormon Stories", sealed with some "popular guests" who inadvertently give credence to its clear agenda of whittling down Mormonism until it's nothing more than another "Protestant religion".

As usual, I'll add more links and commentary to this post as time goes on, as I do with all of my blog posts.

Dehlin's Facebook page, wherein he frequently calls attention to media articles about himself, and his "heroic" battle against "Mormon prejudice".

You decide.


Satan and Satire: On the Narratives of Excommunication and “Persecution”.

John Dehlin Faces Excommunication.

John Dehlin and Double Speak: Spinning Too Much Will Make You Dizzy.

John Dehlin and the Art of Baking (Narratives).

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Free Kurdistan.

Why? Here are some compelling reasons:

The Kurdish Peshmerga rescue of the Yazidi from the Sinjar mountains, where they fled to escape the inhumane brutality of ISIS:

The complex and negative politics hindering an independent Kurdistan, and not even Barack Obama comes out looking good:

Free Kurdistan!

The PKK is NOT a "terrorist organisation".  Although primarily fighting for an independent Kurdistan, the PKK has left no doubt about its wider humane goals and the protection humanity (such as in its rescue of the Yazidi, and the establishment of Kurdish refugee camps, and its vehement opposition to the ISIS criminals).

West mulling removal of PKK from terrorist group despite concerns.

Lift The Ban On The PKK (Sign the appeal).

"Good Kurds, Bad Kurds":

American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN).

Friday, January 2, 2015

Sgt. Shamar Thomas: A Passionate Voice To Be Heard.

When former enlisted Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas saw New York police officers strike Occupy Wall Street protestors with a baton Saturday night, he was furious.
"Protestors were shouting things like, 'Police come join us!'," Thomas recalled in an interview with Instead, the police started moving closer and closer to the crowd. Soon, pushing and shoving started.
"I saw a woman and a man getting hit with a baton. That infuriated me," he said. This prompted him to unleash verbal fury on stunned police officers, who stared at him blankly as he shouted to them repeatedly, "These are unarmed people. It doesn't make you tough to hurt these people." 

Sgt.Thomas interview with RT:

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kurdish Peshmerga Rescue of the Yazidis on Mount Sinjar.

Vian Dakhil's emotional plea to the Iraqi parliament to save the Yazidis, who fled from ISIS, trapped on Mount Sinjar. 

 “We are being slaughtered, our entire religion is being wiped off the face of the earth. I am begging you, in the name of humanity,”...

Vian Dakhil, who along with the Kurdish Female Fighters (YPJ) was voted among the most inspiring women of 2014.

Yazidi men were executed by ISIS in the hundreds.

Yazidi children faced hunger, thirst, starvation and death. 

The Rescue of the Christian Yazidi By The Muslim Kurds.

Themselves the subjects of centuries of war, oppression and ethnic cleansing, the Kurdish rescue of the Yazidi was a case of one oppressed people saving another oppressed people. The Peshmerga ("those who confront death") is the Kurdish response to oppression, and comprises of both male and female soldiers. "Peshmerga forces are responsible for defending the land, people and institutions of the Kurdistan Region." (Wikipedia)


Vian Dakhil, the voice of Iraq’s Yazidi minority.

Escape from death mountain: Stranded Yazidis rescued by Kurdish peshmerga after escaping Jihadist horde threatening genocide. 


Islamic State: Yazidi women tell of sex-slavery trauma.

‘Barbaric’ sexual violence perpetrated by Islamic State militants in Iraq – UN.

Kurdish Sinjar offensive too late for some Yazidis.

Persecution of Yazidis by ISIL.